Frequently asked questions

What kind of volunteer options do you have?

We are always looking for new superstar volunteers! Currently we have openings in the following areas: Foster Homes Social Media Adoption Coordination Events Communications

How much time should I expect to dedicate?

You can dedicate as much time as you want but we do ask that once you commit to a certain position or task, you stay consistent. In the event that you have to reduce or step away, we ask that you wait until a replacement is found and trained. Foster homes should expect to have a dog anywhere from 1 week- 6 weeks, on average. Seniors or special needs dogs may average slightly longer.

Do I have to be 18 to volunteer?

No, we welcome volunteers of all ages but we do require minors to have a parent with them at all times (and sign a release) should they volunteer. They are opportunities in Events and Fundraising for minors.

What is the criteria to become a foster home?

Foster homes must be non-smoking, have a fenced yard (some exceptions may be made for certain dogs) and be able to provide love, structure and stabililty for a dog in need. We do our best to match each dog with a foster home that best fits their needs, so we take into account the members in the household, other pets and sometimes geographic location (if the pet still needs to make trips back and forth to the vet).

Can a foster adopt the dog they are caring for?

Yes, we love foster fails at PDR Inc and actively encourage it! However, there are rare times where a dog has already been matched with an adoptive family out of town and simply need a foster home to recover in while it gets vet care in the Portland, OR area, so this would be the exception. We pride ourselves on our transparency and always keep our fosters in the loop regarding a dog's status and needs before we placed them in a home.

If I foster a pet for PDR INC, what costs will I have to cover?

The short answer is...nothing! PDR Inc will cover the costs of food, vetting and any supplies you may need. You are, of course, welcome to provide the pet toys or additional supplies if you would like!


"To foster is to love. To foster is to provide safe heaven for the abused, the neglected, the disabled. How hard is it to give them up? Very. Every one of the thirteen fosters has become our dog. The natural instinct is to selfishly keep them all.

You let them go out of love. You cherish every day you are with these little dogs. Your mind knows they are with you only temporarily. Your heart thinks they are to stay. That is why you occasionally fail. Your heart wins and you end up keeping one of them. In a spirit of full disclosure, it has happened twice to us.

When they find that perfect home you are left with sweet memories and a satisfaction of giving the new family a wonderful little companion.

Whatever time, resources and energy you invest in the process will be rewarded with unconditional love. "

Joanna M.