Matching deserving dogs with loving homes

There's nothing better than a successful match. We like to explain the process of finding the right rescue dog as being similar to online dating: You will want to check our site often to see who is new, read each bio and reach out if you think they might have found someone special.

Our adoption team is highly skilled at helping you find a dog with the right personality that will fit your family and lifestyle. Occasionally, we receive multiple promising applications for a dog and ultimately match the dog with the home where we think they will do best.

We are committed to helping you find a dog even if you don't "match" on your first attempt. We would love nothing more than to help you find the forever dog of your dreams.

Although we like to tailor each match, we do have some basic criteria we look with respect to adoptive homes:

  • Homes should be non-smoking

  • Have a fenced yard (some exceptions may be made in certain cases)

  • Ability to commit to yearly dentals and shots for the pet

  • Willing to purchase ramps and pet stairs to safeguard the dog's back

  • Not away from the home for long hours each day, a staggered family schedule or a willingness to employ a dog walker


Frequently asked questions

CSC What is Certified Self Containment?

Self Containment is required by many NZ district councils or local authorities and other groups in NZ before you can camp in some locations. It involves having your vehicle set up with fresh water and waste, including toileting for the number of occupants for a period of three days. Self containmnet can only apply to mobile accomodation that meets the definition of a motorcaravan or caravan. This can include poptop campers and trailer tents where a toilet can be adequately used in the vehicle with the beds made up. Once the vehicle has met the certification standard (NZS 5465:2001) the toilet may be used in an awning or toilet tent. Check out the CSC requirements on our website.

CSC Where can I get my vehicle certified for self containment?

Once your vehicle is set up for self containment (reveiw guidelines at )you can get it tested / checked In most main centres. APCNZ is slowly growing our list of testing officers. View our Get Certified webpage for a full list. Always phone ahead to make an appointment. Some testing officers will come and vist you but for others you will need to take your vehicle to their business. Their charges will reflect this. If you wish to join the NZ Motor Caravan Association they also have a network of testing officers. However they do not welcome non NZ residents for membership or CSC testing.

CSC I have my completed checklist / certificate. What else do I need to do?

Once you have had you vehicle checked for Self Containment by an APCNZ testing officer you need to forward a copy of the completed documentation to the appropriate issuimg authority. If your checksheet has been completed by an All Points Camping NZ Testing Officer a copy must be forwarded to All Points Camping NZ - . This may be scanned or digital image. You will need to pay the APCNZ processing fee which is $30.00 for members and $10.00 for non members. Refer for full payment ptions. All Points Camping NZ will then process your checklist, usually overnight, and send ot the final documentation, window card and label by Courier or post. This usually takes 3 to 4 days to arrive.

Who is All Points Camping NZ?

The All Points Camping Club of NZ is a national camping club promoting sustainable and affordable camping and supporting all campers in NZ whether by tent, caravan, campervan or motorhome.

How much does it cost to join All Points Camping NZ?

The current annual membership fee is $25.00 per family unit. This also includes the Kiwi Holiday Parks Discount card with 10% savings at all Kiwi Holiday Parks, other camping grounds around NZ and the Bluebridge Ferry. There are also many other sicounts and the opportunity to attend inclusive camping events.