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  • What does the adoption process involve?
    The adoption process begins with an online application. After you have submitted an application, someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours. We may ask you additional follow-up questions and will tell you more about the dog you are interested in. If both parties agree to proceed, we will often set-up a meet-and-greet to see how everyone gets along. After this point, adoption paperwork may be signed.
  • I work full time can I still adopt a pet from your organization?
    Yes, we do adopt out to individuals or families that work full time if you can demonstrate that: 1. You aren't gone for long hours every day due to a staggered work schedule with a partner or family member 2. You work from home 3. Are willing and able to commit to hiring a dog walker Most dachshunds have separation anxiety and therefore will do best in a home with lots of companionship.
  • How much are adoption fees?
    Adoption fees range depending on the dog's age between $295-495. We realize this sounds like a lot, but is only a small fraction of what we spend ensuring each dog is healthy, up to date and cared for.
  • Do you adopt out to individuals who live in apartments?
    Occassionaly we do adopt to individuals who live in apartments if the dog isn't a barker (which is rare but does happen) or is a senior. The reason for this is that we often receive surrender requests from apartment dwellers who are facing eviction due to their dachshund barking during the day when the owners are gone.
  • What happens if the dog I adopt isn't the right fit?
    Occassionally, things don't work out and no one is to blame. In the event that things don't work out, we will match you with another dog that better suits your family and vice versa. Our goal is always to have a successful match, which is why we ask you so many questions that may seem a bit personal on both the adoption application and leading up to the meet-and-greet. We will always be transparent about our adoptable dogs and any "quirks" or training opportunities they may have, so each potential adoptive home knows what they should expect.
  • Why should I adopt from your organization instead of buying a puppy from a breeder?
    We're glad you are taking the time to read this question. There are several reasons why you shouldn't buy a puppy from a breeder: 1. You don't always know what the breeder's home environment is like- You may be unintentionally supporting a puppy mill or backyard breeder. 2. We get lots of purebred dachshunds, some even come with AKC papers 3. Adult dachshunds often come trained or mostly trained.Wouldn't it be nice to skip the chewing and potty traning phases? 4. Pets know when they've been given a second chance at life. Your new rescue dachshund will be eternally grateful for the love and security you give it- and return that love tenfold. You won't regret rescuing your next family pet!


Our beloved 12 year old mini-doxie, Marley, was suffering from several health problems. For most of the past year, we lost much sleep and tried everything to find the right treatment for her; We were desperate! As we were out of other options, we reluctantly surrendered Marley to Portland Dachshund Rescue. That turned out to be one of the better decisions we ever made. PDR’s vets put Marley on a treatment plan and we are now at peace again, knowing our Marley is in another loving home and has made significant progress toward getting well again! Thank you PDR!

Bob & Joyce


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