Frequently asked questions

What does the surrender process look like?

The surrender process begins by filling out our online surrender request form. From there, a volunteer will reach out within 48 hours to follow up with you. If the application is accepted, we will arrange a meet-up to take legal posession of your pet. At that time, we will also have you sign a legal document, relinquishing your pet to our care. We make a concerted efforted to stay in touch with owners who wish to have updates about their pet, or you can simply watch their journey on our social media (from fundraising for care to their adoption day photos). In the event we cannot take your pet, we will recommend several other local rescues to you.

What do I send with my pet when I surrender them?

We request you send along your dog's: Leash Collar or harness Bed and/or crate Food Current medication, if applicable

Is there a fee to surrender my pet?

There is a fee of $150 to surrender your pet. The fee goes towards vetting and general care costs for your pet (shots, a dental -if needed- and food). We will waive this fee in the event of proven hardship cases.

Where will my pet live while it's waiting for a new forever home?

We are a foster-based rescue, so your pet will be placed in one of our wonderful foster homes after being seen at our vet. You pet will continue to enjoy love and companionship while it waits to be matched with an adoptive family.

Can I get updates about how my pet is doing?

Absolutely! We understand that surrendering a pet is an incredibly emotional and difficult decision. We strive to make the transition as easy as possible. We will provide updates to you at the major milestones or alternatively, you can watch our social media to see their fundraiser, photo updates and adoption photos.


Our beloved 12 year old mini-doxie, Marley, was suffering from several health problems. For most of the past year, we lost much sleep and tried everything to find the right treatment for her; We were desperate! As we were out of other options, we reluctantly surrendered Marley to Portland Dachshund Rescue. That turned out to be one of the better decisions we ever made. PDR’s vets put Marley on a treatment plan and we are now at peace again, knowing our Marley is in another loving home and has made significant progress toward getting well again! Thank you PDR!

Bob & Joyce


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