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Rescue A Dachshund

Rescuing Vs. Purchasing A Dachshund

At Portland Dachshund Rescue, we often get people inquiring if we have puppies. Occasionally, we do get dachshund puppies at the rescue. Yes, they are incredibly adorable and tiny, but they also need lots of attention and training. We highly recommend adopting a young adult or senior dachshund as they typically come potty-trained and are much less destructive than a puppy. Rescue dogs often have lived a tough life, and therefore know when they have been given a second chance. If you decide to rescue a dachshund, you will never find a more grateful dog, nor will you regret saving their life! 

A Committed Dachshund Rescue For Vancouver, WA and the Pacific Northwest

While our home base is in Portland, Oregon, we often adopt throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Vancouver, Washington. Our experienced adoption team is wonderful at matching the quirky personalities of each dog with stable and loving forever homes. Each dachshund accepted at the rescue is up-to-date on shots and will receive any needed treatment and/or care it requires. This could be as simple as a dental or as involved as major surgery. If our dogs have any major or minor procedures, they recover in their foster homes until they are healed and ready to move on to their adoptive family.


What to Expect When you Bring Home A Dachshund

Dachshunds are like any other breed: They are predisposed to certain medical conditions and risks. Most people have heard that dachshunds can have back problems, called IVDD, even at younger ages. This is why we make sure every adoptive home is aware of the risks that come with adopting this breed. We require our homes to commit to buying pet stairs and ramps, so that your new friend doesn’t jump off of a couch, bed or chair and injure themselves. If a dachshund does injure its back, minor cases could just need 30 days of rest, medicine and physical therapy. More major injuries might require surgery to avoid paralysis. 

Another common surprise discovery for owners new to the breed: Dachshunds have horrible teeth! Be prepared to pay for yearly dentals that may require a good amount of teeth getting pulled. This cost is something owners should consider before they adopt a dachshund. All that being said, dachshunds can live very long, happy and healthy lives (Sometimes as long as 18 years). It’s a joy and a blessing to have this breed as a member of your family.

Please give Portland Dachshund Rescue Inc. a call today to learn more about our foster program and adoptable dogs.

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