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Foster A Dachshund

Save A Life, Foster A Dachshund

There is nothing more rewarding than being part of a rescue dog’s journey for a second chance at life! Portland Dachshund Rescue is looking for foster homes in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding major cities in the Pacific Northwest. We adopt to people residing in California, as well. Occasionally, we may look for short-term fosters in northern California who can serve as short-term fosters for dogs until we can arrange transportation to Portland, Oregon.

Looking for Volunteers and Adoptive Homes in Northern California, Oregon, Washington and the Pacific Northwest

Portland Dachshund Rescue, Inc. is always looking for volunteers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho the Pacific Northwest, and our dachshund rescue in Northern California. We need volunteers to provide home inspections for potential adoptive homes, as well as transportation. If you’re part of our transportation list, you may get a call at any time letting you know there is a dog in need nearby, asking if you’re available for an emergency transport. Sometimes we have a little more advance warning. As we never know when we will get a surrender request, it’s helpful to have a long list of volunteers in the hopes that someone is available to help foster a dachshund. If you’re interested in fostering or adopting, please fill out one of our applications on the respective pages.

Volunteer Requirements

We accept volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life. Transportation volunteers simply need a license and a crate to safely transport a dog. We cover the costs associated with relocating a dog, including gas, meals and lodging, if applicable.

Foster homes need to have a secure yard, the ability to transport foster dogs to and from the vet and lots of love and patience. All costs associated with fostering are covered by the rescue, including: transportation, food, medicine and vetting.

If you are ready to foster a dachshund through Portland Dachshund Rescue Inc., take the first step now and fill out the foster online application. We will conduct a thorough interview and background check before pairing you with your first dog to make sure the rescue and your family will be the right fit.

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