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Dachshund Idaho Rescue

Adopting a Rescue Dachshund in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest

Portland Dachshund Rescue, Inc. serves Idaho and the greater Pacific Northwest. There are not very many dachshund rescues in Idaho, therefore we often serve adoptive homes looking for a rescue dog within a short distance of only 5 hours by car. We have volunteers stationed in Boise who are available to do home inspections should the need arise.

What We Look for In Adoptive Homes

Many of the dogs that come to us are surrendered simply because their owners were not prepared for the cost of vet care or found a dachshund was not compatible with apartment living. At Portland Dachshund Rescue, Inc., we are committed to ensuring that each dog receives thorough vetting and care before they are placed in a forever home. Once in foster care, each of our dachshund rescues is evaluated for behavioral issues and begins training. 

Often, adoptive homes will need to continue with the training when they bring their new family member home. When we look for an adoptive home for one of our dogs, we are looking for owners who are aware of the costs of pet ownership, have a fenced yard, are aware that the dachshund breed likes to bark and are willing to continue with the behavioral training that our foster homes have begun.


Do You Live in Boise, Idaho and Are Looking To Get Involved?

As a state, Idaho has lower average rates of surrenders and shelter animals than other states, which we applaud.  

We are always looking for more volunteers in major cities, including Boise, Idaho and the surrounding cities. If you’re not looking to adopt at this time but would like to help dachshunds in-need, please consider volunteering in one of the following areas: Transportation, home inspections, surrender pick-ups and potentially even short term foster homes until we can get the surrendered animal from Idaho to Portland, Oregon. We have additional ways you may volunteer or get involved if you reach out to our dachshund Idaho rescue and inquire today.

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