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Adopt A Dachshund

Find A Loyal Friend When You Adopt A Dachshund

Are you familiar with the dachshund breed and looking to add a new member to your family? Consider adopting a rescue dachshund from Portland Dachshund Rescue, Inc. We are a foster-based rescue, so all of our dogs are housed in loving foster homes until we find the perfect match for each dog. We are committed to ensuring the health and happiness of every animal that comes to us. You will find a selection of dachshunds of all ages in our system, so you can give a senior, young adult or even a special-needs dog a second chance at life. 

A Reputable Dachshund Rescue in Oregon

Portland Dachshund Rescue, Inc. relies solely on donations from the public to fund our rescue and does not have any other source of revenue. Every dollar of our adoption fees and fundraising efforts go towards providing proper veterinary care for each dachshund that comes to us. We are a no-kill shelter and often take the dogs that no other rescue is willing to take on, regardless of the medical costs the dog is facing. We also take in terminally ill dogs and provide hospice fosters for such dogs so they have a warm, loving environment in their final days. 

Our rescues are surrendered for a variety of reasons: Some are given up due to the owners inability (financially or other) to provide care, and others might simply not be compatible with the apartment setting they are living in. Our amazing foster families work with each dog to prepare them for their forever home by providing socialization, training and a safe environment to recover in while they heal (emotionally or in some cases, physically).

Serving Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California and the Pacific Northwest

While we are an Oregon based rescue, we often adopt to residents of Washington, California, and Idaho, provided you come to pick up the dog in the event we cannot transport them to you. We often have volunteers in or near most major cities to provide home inspections. If you’d like to adopt a dachshund, our easy online application will let you begin the process as soon as you see a dog that interests you. We work to match your family and lifestyle with a rescue dog that will be the perfect fit. Occasionally, we receive multiple applications for a certain dog and you may not match with a dog you apply about. In this case, if you qualify to adopt, we keep your application on file for the next available dog. 

Portland Dachshund Rescue strives to create loving, healthy bonds between our dogs and dachshund lovers throughout the Western US. Please fill out our “Contact Us” form or call for more information about our rescue and our current dogs.

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